Brotato Demo

What do we value in a good shooter? Dynamic gameplay, a variety of enemies and weapons, the ability to upgrade the main character and use different types of attacks and skills to defeat your op-ponents more effectively and spectacularly. All this awaits you at Brotato! And before moving on to the full version of the game, we suggest you test the demo release, which will give you a very clear idea of what kind of shooter it is, what mechanics it uses and what emotions you will get in the pro-cess!

When the fate of the world depends on a single potato

In Brotato you have to become … no, not a mountain of muscles in military uniform, running around in some ruins with a machine gun at the ready. And not even a cartoon character who uses various incredible attacks, accelerations and other tricks from which all five-year-olds open their eyes wide with delight. And not a fearless ninja who cuts his enemies in two with a deft blow of a katana. The main character of this game is… a potato! Yes, your hero is unprepossessing in appearance, but he is determined to repel the biggest danger in the history of the entire planet Earth – the invasion of al-iens.

Become a real hero and stop the alien attack!

The path of the alien army runs through the native garden of our daredevil, so he had to pull out the roots from the black soil and go to war. You will accompany and guide him, because he is completely alone against hordes of enemies armed to the teeth! But don’t worry, our potato is not a simple guy either. He has a lot of different weapons in stock, which you will improve during the gameplay. Yes, and he himself will constantly learn new tricks and attacks that will give him an advantage even over an enemy that is superior in number.

Brotato demo is sure to amaze you with bright graphics, spectacular special effects and exciting bat-tles, in which there is a lot of scope for tactical experiments. You can develop your character in dif-ferent directions, depending on which style of battle is closer to you. Start playing this incredible shooter right now, enjoy every minute of the battle and become the very hero who will save the world!

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