Brotato 2

What combat potential does an ordinary potato have? Probably none – unless of course someone throws it at you or you do it yourself. But the main character of Brotato 2 is completely different! Not sluggish potato juice flows in his veins, but the hot blood of a real fighter. It was this guy who stood up to protect his native planet when hordes of aliens attacked the Earth. Will he be able to stop the alien invaders? It depends on you!

Upgrade your hero, learn new skills and collect unique weapons!

The war with the aliens will take place in the form of gunfights in the arena. Your hero will have to cope with all opponents in order to win the next confrontation. But remember that this is not the end and you will only have a short break before rushing into battle again to upgrade your skills and change weapons!

The skills in the game are completely different and are sure to please fans of the genre. Leveling up occurs every time the experience bar fills up. Then you can go into the skill tree and choose what exactly you will pump this time. Depending on your fighting style and tactics, you can focus on one branch and upgrade it to the maximum, or improve each of the skills a little. Experiments with weap-ons are no less interesting – you can put together your own unique gun by connecting arbitrary ele-ments. Thanks to this, every time it is interesting to play like for the first time. After all, in every battle you get a truly unique experience! And in Brotato 2 there are even more skills and weapons than in the previous part!

Defeat all enemies and develop your own fighting style!

Your enemies will attack in waves that will get stronger the closer to the end of the battle. Get ready to fight against more and more powerful opponents, the number of which will also grow. The battle takes place half in automatic mode – your hero will attack his opponents himself, which greatly simpli-fies the process. Your main task is to properly upgrade your skills and choose the best weapon that will allow you to kill as many aliens as possible. The future of the entire planet will depend on how you show yourself in the arena, so don’t let the earthlings down! Prove that potatoes have a sway over the fate of this world and are much more than just mere vegetables!

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