Brotato is a high-paced arena rougelike shooter that will surely give you plenty of thrilling emotions! The main hero is rather unusual and so are his weapons. You will have to demonstrate your excel-lent reflexes and shooting skills to survive in this massacre and, even more importantly, protect your home that has been attacked!

Save Earth from aliens!

You will play as a simple potato that has been growing in its bed without thinking about anything or having any troubles. Then all of a sudden he saw alien ships, lots of alien ships. They came to Earth planning to invade it. But our hero isn’t going to give up his home planet just like that! All of a sudden, he found courage and nobility in himself to stand up and fight for his motherland. And you are going to lend him a helping hand!

For this purpose, you’ll have plenty of weapons in your arsenal, including all kinds of guns for skin-ning, chopping and doing all other painful and destructive things to anyone who dares to come too close to you. Remember that you have an important mission to complete – you are the only one who can stop the evil extraterrestrials and prevent them from conquering our hospitable green world! You won’t have to explore any locations, collect any times or follow an intricate storyline – the gameplay is void of all these elements. Only dynamic fights and hardcore shootouts with brutal waves of ene-mies!

Shoot, fight and stand to the end!

The gaming mechanics of Brotato Is rather simple. You will find yourself in an enclosed space face to face with your opponents. At first, they will appear just one at a time, then their number will start growing. So will the strength of your enemies – instead of rather weak mobs that aren’t so hard to kill you will have to fight against their enhanced versions that will require you to upgrade your weapons. Keep fending them off – that will fill up your progress scale. When it reaches its maximum, you will be able to either improve one of the skills you already have or learn a new one.

The key feature of the game is the ability to use a great number of combinations. Any elements can be combined to get a rather unexpected result. That allows you to experiments with tactics and makes every fight unique. Start playing Brotato right now, discover all the amazing opportunities available in this wonderful shooter and have a great time!

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